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A static website is a type of website that consists of fixed webpages that are delivered to the user exactly as they were created. In other words, the content of a static website remains the same regardless of user interaction or specific parameters. Static websites are typically built using HTML and CSS, with the content directly written into the HTML files.

Here are some key aspects of static websites:

Fixed Content: The content on a static website is fixed and doesn't change unless manually updated by modifying the HTML files. Each webpage is pre-built with specific content, layout, and design, and users view the same content every time they access the website.

Limited Interactivity: Static websites offer limited interactivity as they lack dynamic elements or interactive features. Users can navigate through the webpages and access the information presented, but they cannot perform actions like submitting forms, logging in, or interacting with server-side functionalities.

Simplicity: Static websites are relatively simple and straightforward to create. Since they don't require server-side processing or database integration, the development process typically involves writing HTML and CSS code to create the desired layout and design. As a result, static websites are often faster to load and require less server resources.

Lower Maintenance: Static websites generally require less maintenance compared to dynamic websites. Since the content is static and not generated dynamically, there are no databases to maintain or server-side scripts to update. Any changes or updates to the website's content or design need to be made manually by editing the HTML files.

Hosting: Static websites can be hosted on any web server that supports static file hosting. They can be hosted on shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, or even on content delivery networks (CDNs) for faster content delivery across multiple geographic locations.

Static websites are commonly used for simple websites with fixed content that doesn't need frequent updates or user interaction. Examples include personal websites, online portfolios, informational websites, or landing pages. While static websites may lack the dynamic functionality of their dynamic counterparts, they offer simplicity, speed, and ease of maintenance.